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Through our relationship with international solar companies and our technical partners, we are distributors of Solar Systems and specialists in the design and supply of photovoltaic power sources and back-up systems for a wide range of applications. We are capable of providing Solar Photovoltaic equipment and Inverter Back-up Systems for a wide variety of applications


Information technology must be reliable and available 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Only solar powered systems and back-up systems can provide such reliability for IT Infrastructure, ATMs, and telecoms. We are currently implementing solar systems for remote off-site ATMs for a major top 10 bank. This increases the reach of the bank to more customers in rural, semi-urban areas, as well as schools and universities.

    Solar Powered System

    Domestic and Industrial Electrical works

    Solar powered lighting provides cheap and reliable electricity for streets and compounds. Provision of street lights and area lights will provide much needed security and reduce road accidents. There is now a worldwide acceptance of PV (Solar) – based systems as the most cost effective long term rural electrification technology. The Federal Government has also made a policy decision to use street lights on Nigerian highways.

      solar powered lighting

      Solar borehole (Water System)

      Solar powered water pumping is an economical and reliable method of water supply in rural and urban areas for people and for agriculture. Supply from the power utility company is still unreliable and does not reach most rural areas. Advantages include – reliability, economical, (no fuel costs or maintenance), good value, fully automatic.

        Solar Power Pump


        There is a demand for reliable and cost-effective electricity supplies to service remote medical and health care applications. Solar photovoltaic power is ideally suited to these applications because it is highly reliable, has low recurrent costs, has an inexhaustible supply of free fuel, and has very low maintenance requirements. We can provide a wide range of Solar Medical Appliances:

        >Refrigerators for vaccine storage and blood banking
        >Ice pack freezes for vaccine transportation
        >Operating theatre lights
        >Room and complete building lights


        Solar Powered


         One of the alternative energy sources that the security industry utilizes to help efficiently power CCTV cameras is solar energy. With solar CCTV cameras in a security system, you receive an environmentally safe system with a self-renewing power source for 24-hour surveillance. The solar cells produce direct current (DC) power which then passes through an inverter to change the power to the desired voltage and frequency, such as AC current and 12 volt. After the power is converted into a usable power source, the solar camera uses this power for a green energy power source

        solar cctv powered camera


        Smart home automation refers to the use of loT Devices to control lighting, appliances, HVAC systems, entertainment system, security cameras and alarms, and sensors that detect things like water or gas leaks. All these devices often share the same ecosystem, which users typically access through their smartphones

        Smart homes are becoming more popular each year. By 2025, the global smart home market is projected to grow to $75.44 billion according to Statista. The reason for such growth is the security and higher quality of life that loT systems provide to their owners

        Home security is the second largest smart home automation segment and the fastest-growing according to Statista, the smart home loT monitoring and security segment will reach $244 million by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 26% between 2018 and 2022

          Smart home automation


          • Supply, Installation & Maintenance
          • PABX Intercom Systems
          • Security Search Lights
          • Four Walls Security.
          • Intercom systems have become a mainstay in communication for larger buildings and structures. In many cases, they can be used to enhance access controls and maintain secure entry procedures.
          • Are you interested in purchasing an intercom for your home? No matter what kind of system you want to purchase or what your specific needs are, we can help you make the right decision at Four Walls Security.
          • Our commitment is to you, our customer. Security options should be robust, but they should never interfere with work productivity or company culture. That's why we work with you to make sure that you can easily master your new system and feel confident using all the features.

            Intercom Installation



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